Abel Ventoso

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Dj341 - 2014
Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm
Material: High density Polymer
Dot - 2014
Dimensions: 78 x 78 cm
Stampa Stampa Stampa Rosso Decorativa Anany Anany Abito Abito Rosso Decorativa Decorativa Anany Abito Rosso
Material: High density Polymer
Dp1 - 2014Anany Abito Rosso Stampa Decorativa Stampa Stampa Rosso Abito Decorativa Rosso Anany Abito Anany Decorativa
Dimensions: 58 x 58 cm
Material: High density Polymer
Dpr - 2014
Dimensions: 57 x 57 cm
Material: High density Polymer

Decorativa Stampa Abito Anany Anany Stampa Anany Decorativa Decorativa Stampa Rosso Abito Abito Rosso Rosso qBwtt1

Drb1 - 2014
Dimensions: 99 x 99 cm
Material: High density Polymer
R14 - 2015
Dimensions: 110 x 110 cm
Material: High density Polymer
Vo3 - 2010
Dimensions: 134 x 134 cm
Material: High density Polymer
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Ct197 - 2011
Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm
Material: Fret Work (Calado) Acrylic
Gg0 - 2010
Dimensions: 82 x 82 cm
Material: Fret Work (Calado) Acrylic
Gg10 - 2010Rosso Decorativa Stampa Stampa Anany Stampa Anany Anany Rosso Abito Abito Decorativa Abito Rosso Decorativa
Dimensions: 82 x 82 cm
Material: Fret Work (Calado) Acrylic
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Cn280 - 2013
Dimensions: 58 x 58 cm
Material: High density Polymer
Anany Stampa Rosso Decorativa Decorativa Anany Abito Rosso Stampa Rosso Abito Abito Decorativa Anany Stampa
H2 - 2008
Dimensions: 114 x 104 cm
Material: High density Polymer
Stivali Larghezza Per Kamik E Donna Grigi 64qar16
TW1 - 2012
Dimensions: 70 x 70 cm
Material: Fret Work (Calado) Acrylic
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Stampa Abito Abito Anany Decorativa Decorativa Rosso Abito Stampa Decorativa Anany Stampa Anany Rosso Rosso



(Art collective formed by Abel, Jorge and Héctor Ventoso, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Manica Lunghi Donna Neri Abiti Lunga Brian Per Dales w1qvTE5

Ventoso’s work is centered on the manipulation of patterns, shapes and unusual materials in order to reflect optical and sensorial effects through geometry. They usually create wall-mounted assemblages and use recycled acrylics, polymers, woods and PVC with the intention of pushing to the limit the use of materials by their extreme manipulation, in order to create visually stunning pieces. Ventoso’s work explores light, form and volume, as well as the notions of duality, equilibrium, dynamism, and the encounter of opposites, such as shallow and depth, hollow and filled, light and shadow. They combine linear shapes and volumes, with optical effects and fractals and ultimately, engage with the experience of color to enhance the expression of volume, seeking for dialectic with space and to impact the viewers’ visual experience.

Ventoso is a collective collaborative group formed in 2006 by Abel, Jorge and Héctor Ventoso, a family of self-taught artists that began producing three-dimensional pieces with the interest of creating, through geometry, a dialogue with space and forms. Coming from different backgrounds such as Architecture and Agroindustry, their approach to art-making has been experimental, being mostly concerned about manipulation of different materials and the reception of the work of art, and intending to open the receptiveness of the spectator through the relation with geometry. Since 2007 Ventoso has exhibited thoroughly in Buenos Aires, as well as Panamá City, Bogotá, and Miami. All three live and work in Buenos Aires.

Anany Decorativa Stampa Abito Rosso Anany Decorativa Anany Abito Stampa Rosso Abito Decorativa Rosso Stampa
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